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There are specialists, and there are generalists. The specialist can quickly solve a problem in her or his field. If you need an RF amplifier, you seek out an RF engineer. If you need a digital design, you look for an experienced digital designer. Hiring a specialist can be expensive, but it saves money in the long run.

But sometimes you have an unusual project. Suppose, for example, you want a harmonica to control an electronic drum kit. Maybe you want to test an electronic component from your office in Boston, but the equipment and parts happen to be in Seoul. Or maybe you need to test your new computerized widgets via a telephone system, only the new version of the widget has no modem. Or you have to deliver a new test system to a customer – it needs to run on 480V 3-phase Delta, requires multiple safety interfaces, and all you have in your shop is 208V 3-phase Y. Perhaps you need to generate timing pulses that are completely out of sync with your available system clocks.

All of these problems and more have already been solved. With over 30 years of experience in the electronics industry, dealing with everything from typwriters to FPGAs, the strange and the unusual is my specialty.

Most hardware today requires software to make it work. Embedded processing is ubiquitous. From digital thermometers to microwave ovens – even refrigerators and toasters now utilize the processing power available in embedded processors. Deesigned Studio has ample experience in such processing power and real-time computing.

Skills: Embedded processing,  Cypress Semiconductor PSoC, 8051, ARM, MIDI implementation, mixed signal, analog and digital. DOS, Windows, QNX, C/C++, Basic, Java, Pascal, PERL, PHP and other languages. Very fine pitch soldering, prototyping, board design and layout. Construction of prototypes. Component level repair.

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  1. Julia Passamonti-Colamartino on said:

    LOVE this new website! Feel free to add me to your client list! (((HUGS)))) Julia

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