Writing and Editing

Most of us are able to put our basic thoughts to paper – or to computer screen. Thousands of us are blogging each and every day. Desktop publishing has enabled most all of us to create quick documents. But there is more to writing than just putting words or ink on paper.

Let’s look at it another way. There are hams, and there are hams. You can certainly find a ham at your local grocer. But is this going to be the same ham that your grandmother cooked? You remember … walking into her house as a child for the New Year dinner … you open the door and walk right into the kitchen. The air is thick with steam from the boiling potatoes and the scents of ham and cloves and pineapple and cherries. The cover is being lifted from the roaster and the huge ham is being lifted to the cutting board. Knife sings against steel as it’s being sharpened to carve the ham. The old mixmaster is busily churning boiled potatoes to buttery mashed. And not a single room is quiet because everyone is catching up for relatives they’ve likely not seen in months.

So sure, there are hams, but then again, there are HAMS.

And that’s how it is with writing. Anyone can put pen to paper, but letting your words express your story, that takes talent and skill.

Deirdre Hebert is a published author of articles, books, poetry, press releases, advertising and news copy, as well as many technical documents, such as repair and operation manuals. She has also edited works such as articles, news copy and books for clients around the globe. Whether you need someone to take your ideas for a book, and to develop them, or perhaps you already have a book, and need some editing to help you express yourself clearly – whatever the issue is, Deesigned Studio has likely helped someone with a similar goal before.

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